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ResumeMakerWeb for Career Centers
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for Your Patrons!

ResumeMakerWeb is a web-based solution that provides private label versions of ResumeMaker’s resume-writing, career development, and employment solutions that match the exact look and feel of your career center website. Integrating ResumeMaker into your online services provides your patrons with the tools they need to write professional resumes and search job openings from the center or a remote location!

Career Services for your Patrons! A complete, patron-focused career service where job seekers can prepare, update, and even forward resumes to hiring employers at any time from anywhere, directly through the Internet by using their log-in password. This flagship product provides step-by-step guidance for all aspects of resume writing, job search, interview techniques, and salary negotiation.
Optimize Services by Career Center Staff! Powerful, automated assistance from ResumeMaker's proven resume writing system means that professional staff spend less time writing and formatting resumes for job seekers and more time on important career services, such as skill development, interviewing, training, and job placement.
Customize ResumeMaker for your Geographic Region! ResumeMaker's system can be adapted to accommodate the requirements of local workforce populations to allow your program to provide more personalized service. If your area supports a specific industry, such as healthcare, information technology, education, biotechnology, or manufacturing, the guided resume system can be modified accordingly.
Get In-Depth Reporting on Your User Base! The Admin Module allows administrators to find out how many users are actually signing in and using the service. Find out how many people are signing up per day, month, or year. Get access to a list of users and sort by different ranges, months, and years. Perfect for career centers interested in tracking their user base.

ResumeMaker Professional Deluxe
for Career Centers

Write a Better Resume. Get a Better Job!

ResumeMaker® Professional Deluxe 20 provides every tool Job Seekers need to write a professional resume, search for jobs, and prepare for interviews and salary negotiation. New, easy import of profiles from LinkedIn saves time and makes it easy to convert a LinkedIn Profile into a professional, quality resume. ResumeMaker's step-by-step guide will help job seekers create a professional resume that showcases their experience, skills and capabilities to apply for positions and share on social media networks to get a better job.

Import Your LinkedIn® Profile! Save Time. ResumeMaker will import your LinkedIn profile and help you convert it into a quality, professional resume.
Step-by-Step Resume Guide Your answers to easy questions are transformed into the perfect resume. Add, change, or delete at any time.
Start with a Professional Sample Resume. Select a professionally-written resume from 1,250 samples for nearly every career. Customize it with your own information to create a quality resume!
Publish & Save Your Resumes Online With ResumeMaker Cloud™—Free! Publish your resume at your own private web address in the cloud—a free service managed by ResumeMaker. Send a URL of your resume to hiring managers, recruiters, and network contacts.
Use Social Media to Network & Enhance Your Job Search! ResumeMaker allows you to post your resume on popular social media sites like LinkedIn®, Facebook®, Twitter®, and Google+™. Make it easy for colleagues, friends, and hiring managers to access your posted resume.
Job Feeder™ — Receive Job Listing Push Notifications This advanced search tool sits on the desktop of your PC or tablet and continuously notifies you of new jobs based on your personal search criteria. You will receive push notifications as they are posted.
Advanced Targeted Job Search! Customize your job search by targeting key factors important to you, including job title, geographic region (within a 5 - 50 mile radius), job boards, job type, experience, company size, and more.
ResumeMaker App for iPhone, Android & More — Free! Find new jobs from your mobile device with ResumeMaker On-the-Go! Input your search criteria and let ResumeMaker's mobile app find new job opportunities for you from anywhere 24/7/365. Find the right job? Send your resume directly from your mobile device.

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ResumeMaker for Career Centers
is Ideal for:

• Colleges & Universities
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• Outplacement Firms
ResumeMaker pulls together all of the resources a job seeker needs to successfully apply for a job, interview, and land a job. It has been a great asset to our Career Center Staff—they are able to spend less time helping clients write resumes and more time providing valuable coaching and training.
— Deborah Colby, Vista Career Services


The interview and salary sections of ResumeMaker really help our job seekers. They are fully prepared for their interviews after they have practiced the virtual questions and answers. This builds their confidence for the all-crucial interviews!
— Stephen Brower, Manager, Student Services Career Center, North Florida

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